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Introducing #FashionStartupLab!

What is it? A fashion business incubator created by #FashionStartup


What is an incubator? A program to facilitate the emergence of startups or businesses by providing assistance for new companies to survive and grow during their take-off stage.

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Through networking events, we have convened different members of the fashion sector in the country. If you are interested in attending our events, register here:


1st Fashion e-Commerce congress in which you can learn everything about how to develop and manage your online store from national and international companies.


As a Business coach, I am in charge of helping entrepreneurs to grow their fashion businesses and enhance their talent. I am passionate about traveling and meeting the people behind our industry. Thank you for being part of this community.


"When you design a collection, think about who your client is, how much you have to sell to live as you would like and remember: Mexico is in fashion"

"We can't imagine getting to where we have been back then, 40 years in the fashion industry ..."

- Oscar Lupercio, Maniquí

- Ada Gómez, Fashion Snoops


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